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justisse replied to your post: MomoCon was the best con I have been to in a…

sifu kisu fiasco?

It’s a long story, so it’s under a cut.

I was shoved by a friend toward Sifu Kisu, and I was obviously uncomfortable b/c I was really quiet and if I talked, my voice was too low for anyone to really hear, which is the exact opposite of how i act in Toph, no matter the situation (and the people I was with should have known that). Then he has someone snap a photo of us on his phone, and he’s all “Want a picture for yours?” and I just kinda nod and go along with it to get it over with faster.

and then Kisu and I start posing and he grabbed me and made me pose how he wanted to. I WAS ALREADY OBVIOUSLY UNCOMFORTABLE, BUT HE DIDN’T ASK PERMISSION TO TOUCH ME. Sifu Kisu just grabbed my wrists and moved them and then while he was posing behind me, he pretended to grab my ass and winked at my friend that had shoved me at him.

That really upset me. I don’t look like an adult in Toph, and that was just humiliating and ugh it was upsetting. and my friend WHO SHOVED ME AT SIFU KISU AND SAW THIS HAPPEN WORKED AS CON SECURITY. AND JUST LAUGHED IT OFF. he fucking put me in that situation.

but my friend chewed the staffer out.

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